a personal goal


when this year of twenty twelve began, i set one personal goal for myself

to paint more

not in a new years resolution way because i don’t really believe in them but in a “i haven’t painted in a long time and i feel like my artistic soul is dying” kind of way

i told myself i would paint one painting a month

well, today we are seven days away from the new year and i painted a total of ten paintings

ten out of twelve is not bad, right?

if i finish the painting above (the seventh of the birds collection), it will total eleven

but, because we are officially in the holiday season and with christmas here, my birthday on friday and then new years on monday…. i can kind of forget about finishing the seventh of the birds

i don’t like to force inspiration or better yet, force myself when there is no inspiration or time but i was trying to do all the birds in the same year

but, since everything is a continuation of something else one way or another, it’s ok and i look forward to starting my new painting year with her

i hope i get to paint just as much if not more in this new year of twenty thirteen

happy monday everyone!