happy twenty thirteen

December 31 2013 011

i have never been so little excited for a new years eve like i was yesterday

which is not to say that i am not excited for twenty thirteen because i am

but, i was tired yesterday. really tired

we have been non-stop since christmas eve and yesterday i seriously felt like postponing new years eve or spend it on the couch in pajamas while watching a movie

for those of you who don’t know me, that kind of behavior is not like me

i’m the girl who likes to celebrate new years eve. with sparkles and a bang

so, even though i (and Will too) wanted to be home in pajamas, we pulled ourselves together and went over to our neighbor’s house who basically had the whole neighborhood over for a pig roast

it was wonderfully mellow and just the way i wanted to spend it if i wasn’t going to be on the couch in pajamas

we met tons of new neighbors, found out that the neighborhood has even more kids than we thought and i was home way before midnight because Lily was ready for bed

i hope that this new year is as good to us as was twenty twelve

i think it will

happy twenty thirteen everyone

wishing you all the best in this new year!