around here

January 02 2013 016

Lily was a bit sad about the christmas tree being taken down. so she drew one herself

January 02 2013 023 January 02 2013 028 January 02 2013 035

Foxy looking handsome

January 02 2013 036

the tomatoes are getting big

January 02 2013 037

and so is the chard

January 02 2013 038

farewell christmas

January 02 2013 040 January 02 2013 041

we have made some changes in the backyard

January 02 2013 054

January 02 2013 039

the orchids are getting new babies January 02 2013 043

January 02 2013 053

January 02 2013 051

January 02 2013 056

dirty finger toes

January 02 2013 058 January 02 2013 061 January 02 2013 067

January 02 2013 069

we are keeping the lights up in Lily’s room. as well as in our room and in the living room

January 02 2013 071 January 03 2013 019

everything christmas got put away on wednesday (well, almost everything. we are keeping some lights up probably year round)

Lily was a bit sad about it and i don’t blame her

christmas with her was so magical this year

she loved making all the ornaments, she loved all the songs, decorations, making gifts for people and of course the magic of christmas itself

when it came to packing christmas up, she asked to hold onto the santa in her room (not a chance) and the two christmas bears (ok)

although it was wonderful having two four day weekends back to back, it also made it very hard to come down from the holiday cloud

i was trying to hold onto the tree until the sixth (three kings day) but i just couldn’t

i had to move on from the holidays and get life moving forward

especially since it’s a new year

this past week, even though it was really only half the week, it felt normal

life is back at a routine pace and hey, i started painting again

happy friday everyone

i wish you all a wonderful weekend