a night diaper


when Lily became potty trained (here), her diapers became “night diapers”

every night before she would go to bed, she would use the potty (toilet) and then we would put on her night diaper

every morning she would wake with a dry diaper, take it off and use the potty

a few times she actually got up during the night to use the potty even though she was wearing her night diaper

putting on her night diaper became more and more of a mission every night because “mommy, i’m not a baby. i don’t need diapers”

a few times night diapers were forgotten and no accidents happened

Lily has now been “night diaper” free for weeks

maybe even a month

a few times she has woken during the night to use the potty but, for the most part, she sleeps all through the night

and no accidents have happened

knock on wood

because we have yet to buy a mattress cover

it seemed like a long way to potty training but once it happened, it happened and it happened quickly and mostly all on her own

and for that, not only am i so thankful but also so proud of her

happy saturday everyone