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Lily began ballet classes yesterday

as i sat in a room with dance moms having dance mom talk, Will said it best when he said “welcome to the world of competitive parenting”

but, let’s not focus on what i will have to endure while Lily is learning ballet and let’s try to focus on Lily and the art of ballet itself shall we?

if you have been coming here for a while or personally know Lily, you know this has been a dream of hers for quite some time

it was her motivation to stop wearing diapers after all. that’s HUGE

the girl wants to be a ballerina

and i know, she is three and three year olds don’t really know what they want but, she wants to be a ballerina

all on her own she has wanted this

i have never danced ballet. ever

not when i was two. or three. never

my mom on the other hand danced ballet into her late teenage years, wanted to be a ballerina and had her ballerina dream crushed by her father who thought in those times that young respectable ladies shouldn’t dance for a living

maybe that’s why i was never taken to ballet….?


this is all new to me

this ballet world

tutus, ballet tights, ballet shoes and dance moms

dance moms. please ballet god do not let me become a dance mom

when i think of ballet, back swan, eating disorders, a crazy competitive world and dance moms consume my brain

those of course are the stereo typical things about ballet, right?

but, there is also the strict discipline to keep practicing, keep dancing and try to be a better dancer each time

and of course the art of ballet

there is nothing more beautiful than a ballerina in a tutu busting out some serious ballet on stage

so, Lily wants to be a ballerina

this may be a stage like princesses and fairies or it may not and she may really end up a ballerina

if she is serious about it, i hope she will be as devoted to it as she can be

and i will be as supportive as i can

without trying my hardest to become a dance mom (cringe)

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