i want to hear the sound of winter

December 28 2011 034

i just returned home from dropping Lily off at school on my bike and i am sweating

i think i got a tan

it will be high of eighty two degrees today

this would probably make a lot of you who live in cold weather happy but, when it is hot all year round, and it’s january and it is this hot, this does not make me happy

why is it that in the past years when we have chosen to spend the holidays in west virginia, miami got cold fronts of thirty degrees at night and this year since we chose to stay here in miami it has been hot?

murphy’s law i tell you

i am craving and missing everything winter

i want to see snow topped mountains

i want to see and touch icicles

i want to wake up with the prettiest of frost on my windows. like nature fairies stenciled them with doilies during the night

i want to spend time in a house that smells and sounds like a fire is burning

i want to hear the sound of snow crushing beneath my boots while walking through the woods

i want to breath cold air in and feel my brain wake up

i feel like my brain is turning into mush with all this heat. all year long

these are the times i feel like miami may still not be the place for me

every year it seems like it is getting hotter

and every year i despise it more and more

if you live somewhere cold, please oh please blow some cold my way….

*all photos taken by me last year in west virginia

December 28 2011 036

December 28 2011 031

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