for the love of pink


ladies and gentlemen meet my new bike

Will presented this beauty to me on my fortieth birthday

for a non-driving mama, this is like receiving a brand new car

ironic enough, my old bike Sally got stolen from our backyard days after i received this new bike

not ironic enough, the house behind us was getting a new fence put up, there were strange men in our backyard for days while it was happening and once the job was done and they were gone, so was my bike

so, we had to get a new seat for Lily because the old green ibert that was on Sally, was taken with her

when we were considering what kind of new seat to get because Lily was already growing out of her ibert (she had been in it since she was eight months old), the only thing Lily kept on saying was that she wanted a pink seat (surprise!)

ironically enough, when we made it to the forth bike store to get her a seat, they had pink iberts

we got one

ironically enough it is the exact same pink as the pink on the bike

right now there are two things going through my head:

Alanis Morissette’s “ironic” and Molly Ringwald in pretty in pink

so, since this new bike still doesn’t have a name, i think it’s only fitting to call her Molly

for a second i thought of calling her Andie (Molly’s character in the movie) but, i like Molly much better

don’t you?

and just because:

and this