around here

January 05 2013 003

these two are like siblings at times

January 05 2013 021

Jeepy. the last of the birds. drying

January 05 2013 038

practicing her ballet

January 05 2013 051

looking older every day

January 06 2013 031


January 06 2013 036

lights and ballet shoes

January 06 2013 085


January 06 2013 107

late night shenanigans

January 06 2013 111

sunday breakfast

January 06 2013 112


January 06 2013 122

cuteness with a side of eggs

January 06 2013 125

ballet toes

January 06 2013 129

boxed dreams

January 06 2013 139

pink tiny rainbows

January 06 2013 146

this guy

January 06 2013 157

these two

January 06 2013 164

she walked into the room all dressed up and said “mommy, what do you think?”. i die

January 07 2013 049

waiting for time to pass to go to her first ballet class

January 07 2013 056

dinner time

January 07 2013 060

salmon and potatoes

January 07 2013 064

self with Genevieve

January 08 2013 004

i love my new juicer. carrots, apple and spinach

January 08 2013 010

a snack after school

January 08 2013 016

princess world

January 08 2013 017

our bedroom

January 09 2013 014

leaf wars with Foxy

January 09 2013 024

little dishwasher

January 09 2013 025

a leaf fairy

January 09 2013 035

a braid

January 09 2013 041


January 09 2013 046

a playdate

January 09 2013 053

this week felt like the first normal week in a long time

Lily was back at school her regular two days (tuesday and thursday), there were lots of home cooked meals and juices, lots of playtime inside and outside, we had a playdate at the park with our friends, house cleaning got done, and laundry…

there were also some firsts

Lily started ballet classes (monday and tuesday) and i started braiding her hair a different way (it’s the little things i tell ya)

despite keeping busy, all i really wanted to do was hibernate

it was a hot week here in miami (in the 80s) and as you all know (because i’m not shy about it), that does not make me happy

all i really want to do is hide away from the heat

i don’t want to go to the beach, i don’t want anything summer related

i wish i lived somewhere that got colder 30 degrees from the normal during the winter

so…. this week i started thinking again about how maybe i am fed up with miami and how i would like to live elsewhere

where that is, i have no idea

and i know, there is no perfect place

and i should probably just move or shut up about how hot miami is

you are all probably really sick of hearing about it (i am too)

on that note, i will shut up

happy friday everyone

have a great weekend!