lately i have been thinking about how different i feel towards everything

different of course based on how i used to think and feel

lately i want simple more than i have ever

simple living

i no longer feel like i need to go out to see or be seen (a line my mom often uses when going to town)

moving off the beach was a decision both Will and i took our time making

often thinking that we couldn’t leave everything it had to offer behind

but, ever since we moved into this yellow house, i have realized just how much i love being at home with the ones i love the most and how little i miss the beach and all of its craziness

simple days at home with Lily and Will is how i like to spend my days

simple dinners

easy nights with friends coming over are my ideal way to spend my evenings

popcorn movie family nights…

maybe it’s true what “they” say about getting older

i want less of the chaos and more of the easy and quiet

a house outside of a small town used to totally freak the city girl in me out

but, it’s become what i crave more and more these days

i used to think that people don’t change

that they just grow

i have proven myself wrong

because i have changed

and i have grown

i am different