thoughts on having a dog (and a cry for flea help)

January 11 2013 073

having a dog is all new to me

i have never been a pet owner

growing up i didn’t have a dog, or a cat, or a fish

Will on the other hand grew up with dogs

he is a dog kind of guy

he had been talking about getting a dog for quite some time but because we lived in a one bedroom apartment that was too small for the three of us as was, we didn’t have a dog

and then we moved into this yellow house with a yard

so it was just a matter of time

even though we had started looking at dogs that were possibilities, Foxy came to us in a way

our neighbor found him wandering the streets in our neighborhood. he was a stray

i like Foxy

he is a good dog for the most part

he is good with Lily. he listens. he likes to cuddle

but as good as he is, there are things i do not like (or have not gotten used to) about having a dog

the little things are:

waking up to dog pee and poop on the kitchen floor because sometimes he goes to the bathroom in there during the night. i know, GROSS!

dog hair. extra vacuuming. who wants that!?

dog toys all over the floor. ocd. sorry

extra bills. dog food, vet

the BIG thing is:


ugh, just typing the word makes me itch

Foxy has fleas

not the big huge fleas that cling onto the skin but the little black ones that look like ants but either way, FLEAS

there is a dog with fleas in my house

we bathe him with flea shampoo (sometimes twice a week), we spray him with flea stuff, and still, he has fleas

perhaps if we lived somewhere where it got cold (no this isn’t going to turn into a rant about how hot it is in miami), he wouldn’t have so many fleas. fleas thrive in heat, right?

so, right now as much as like Foxy, i don’t like Foxy

because he has fleas

what i would like to know from you dear readers who are dog owners is: how do you keep your dog flea free?

please tell me…. (i’m itching)

happy flea monday?