a juice

January 15 2013 038

turnip, sweet potato, ginger and lemon

this is not a juice for the weak

actually, this is not a juice for anybody

this juice was awful


worst juice ever in the history of all juices

not only did it taste awful but i burped that awful taste for hours after i drank it

don’t try this at home

don’t try it anywhere

i never want to see a turnip again for as long as i live

i don’t even like turnips…

i will stick to what i know

carrots and apples. spinach and pears

stay tuned for more of my juicing adventures

January 15 2013 041

so beautiful right? awful. disgusting. lethal. but then again, aren’t most beautiful things in nature venomous? example here

January 15 2013 042 January 15 2013 043