a green project. part one

January 20 2013 082

what you see above is our latest backyard project

we are wine drinkers in this house and for a while now i had been thinking about what we could do with all the empty glass wine bottles other than just putting them in the recycling bin

through google and pinterest i found a couple of cool ideas that inspired me

like i said on here, our backyard is mostly black dirt so, after letting those ideas sink in for a bit, i thought of three large wine bottle circle plant beds

we started saving bottles before christmas and with the help of friends who donated their bottles as well, we were able to collect enough bottles for one bed

we managed to take the labels off of some of the bottles and truthfully the hardest part about this project was trying to remove the labels off of all the bottles

seriously, why are some of them so hard to come off? some bottles were soaked for hours

we figured nature would eventually take them off herself so we left the rest of the labels on

the final project will have two more of these large bottle circles with different plants in them and we would also like to cover the yard with chattahoochee river rock but we will see just how costly that will get

having a yard is hard work but in the end all that hard work is so worth it

even if this house is a rental and it’s not ours…

have you done anything fun and creative with your glass bottles?

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