a sandwich

 January 17 2013 009

eating sandwiches (bread) was something that i sort of gave up last year

maybe even the year before

bread and beer

as much as i like them, they bloat me up and make me feel gross

i would rather eat pizza and pasta with wine. which i do

the kiwi pineapple jalapeno jam was one of the stuffers i put in Will’s christmas stocking

i found it at home goods and it just sounded too yummy and weird to pass up (kinda like him. ha!)

so, for lunch i decided to pair up the jam with one of my favorite combos, cheese (extra sharp cheddar) and pears

and voila

a kiwi pineapple jalapeno jam, cheese and pear sandwich on toasted multi grain bread

served with kiwi


every once in a while it’s nice to break your own rules

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