let’s talk kids shoes

January 25 2013 015

what you see above is Lily’s new shoe collection

from one day to the next she outgrew most of the shoes she had been wearing

my mom sent Lily some christmas money and since she is a shoe lover herself (addict really), i thought it fitting (and necessary) to take Lily on a shoe shopping trip

we hit payless (gold glitter shoes), marshalls (oilily flowered shoes) and target (lavender and teal shoes)

i must say she lucked out this time

like me, Lily is cursed with long skinny feet, toes and skinny heels (sorry girl)

most shoes are wide on her. but not on this day

i have a hard time when it comes to buying shoes for Lily, not just because of the fit but because most of the kids shoes i see are filled with lights, princesses and crazy things going on

the plainer ones to my liking (not necessarily to Lily’s liking) tend to be quite expensive and since she really only wears them for three/four months due to fast growth, i just don’t see the justification in paying a lot for shoes for her

when it comes to sandals (which luckily she gets to wear almost year round because we live in a warm climate), salt waters are the best and she will be wearing them in all different colors for as long as they will make them

but shoes, shoes are hard

i still like the idea of soft star shoes because of everything they stand for however, the sole of their shoes does not have enough grip for everything Lily now wants to do at the playground

livie&luca, see kai run and pablosky kids make beautiful shoes but not only are they a bit wide for her, they are also on the pricier side

so, i would like to know if you feel the same way about kids shoes being too ridiculously decorated and pricey


where do you buy shoes for your little one?

ps- just for fun, this picture of Lily in the target fitting room (because she likes to try stuff on) with a fuzzy hat acting like a little bear