the things she says

January 21 2013 043

“mommy, take a picture of me. being a mermaid” in the bath

——————————————————– * ————————————————-

“i love you mommy. you are my favorite sleeping buddy” at night before going to sleep

———————————————————- * —————————————————

“mommy, we need to take turns to marry pai. today is my turn”

————————————————————- * —————————————————-

“pai, i want to marry you”

——————————————————– * ———————————————–

“mommy, every day on mondays and fridays when pai wipes my butt, he leaves toilet paper stuck in my butt!”

———————————————————– * ————————————————-

“aw mommy, look at Foxy. aw, i love my doggie…”

————————————————————– * —————————————————

chasing and screaming after Foxy “Foxy i am so mad at you!!!!”

————————————————————– * —————————————————

happy sunday!