a movie sunday



on super bowl sunday Will and Lily went to our friend’s house quite early in the afternoon and returned after 11pm

i stayed home for some quiet time and my initial intentions were to sketch a new painting

but…. instead i caught up on some blogs, emails and movies

i have always been a movie person and it had been a long time since i had just sat on the couch (for hours) and watched movies

take this waltz (i really like michelle williams) and the giant mechanical man were great love indie flicks. if you enjoy just sitting back and watching people being and trying to find love and themselves, you should check them out (both on insta netflix)

coco before chanel was a nice surprise on starz. i have always respected coco but knowing where she came from has given me a new found appreciation for her even more (i really like audrey tautou also)

the diving bell and the butterfly is a beautiful movie by the talented artist julian scnabel. i actually did not finish watching this all the way through because it got too late but i had already seen it years ago. it is heavy movie but very inspiring and beautiful

have you seen any great movies worth sharing lately?