Lily’s first haircut

February 06 2013 148

Lily had her first haircut yesterday

her very first

she was due for a trim due to split ends but when she saw me get my haircut, she was all about getting hers cut

“i want my haircut like yours mommy. short”

i envisioned her with almost shaved hair in the back of her head and within me i screamed “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

so a trim it was

she went to bed with somewhat damp hair still so it was hard to really see

when she woke this morning and walked into our room, i noticed her uneven dangling golden locks missing right away

i’m trying to keep things in perspective and remember that it’s just hair and that it grows

i’m trying to teach Lily that women can have short hair too, that women don’t have to have long hair to be beautiful

she is beautiful either way and i tell her so

but, i can’t help that my mommy heart is crying a bit over her long lost golden curls…

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