according to my phone. the weekend version


the weekend started friday night with K with a night of chinese shopping and pho

IMAG0670-1 IMAG0673-1 IMAG0676-1

saturday morning we were invited to our neighbor’s daughter’s forth birthday party in their yard. pizza and face painting. it was perfect

IMAG0678-1 IMAG0680-1 IMAG0685

we also celebrated three years of marriage. Lily went to sleepover at D’s house and Will and i went on a proper date. the federal and swampspace

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sunday we went to Lily’s friend’s fifth birthday party which happened to have been fairy themed (more pics coming this week)

it was a great way to spend an early sunday afternoon and all was going well until we had settled in at home for a while and things took a little turn for the worst

Lily started complaining that her head hurt, started vomiting and then fell asleep at six thirty

she slept all the way through, woke up this morning, has had breakfast and is her normal happy kid self again

i can only imagine that it was too much sugar due to two birthday parties and maybe she caught a little bug?

anyway, glad she is all good

happy monday

hope you all had a great weekend

ps- did you all watch the grammys? i might have to do a little (big) grammys post…