the grammys


(jlo in an anthony vaccarello gown and katy perry in a gucci gown)

oh boy… the grammys…

let’s just get the two elephants out of the way shall we?

jlo (kelly on fashion police totally agreed with me on jlo. yay) and katy perry (can’t believe she got best dressed on fashion police). by far the worst dressed

jlo, so predictable. so cheesy miami latina. yuck. hasn’t angelina jolie shown enough leg enough times for all of us? yeah

i mean… ok we get it, you are a pretty woman. but please tone it down

katy perry, i get the whole priscilla presley in the seventies inspo but…. i absolutely hated the dress, its color and that hair on her

she is a pretty girl with a great body and i think her taste in dresses is as poor as her taste in men



(kimbra in australian designer jamie lee major)

now kimbra… how dreamy!

she is such a pretty girl and this dress is somewhat reminiscent of old hollywood but yet totally today and funky

love this girl

by far the best dressed as far as i’m concerned (she got worst dressed on fashion police)

highlights of the night:

mumford&sons, the lumineers, frank ocean, elton and everyone who rocked with him, the black keys, alicia without adam levine (he bugs), the marley tribute. sting (timeless. awesome!), jack white, prince (hello, he was onstage for less than five minutes and stole the show), ll and chuck d closing the show the way it should be closed (old school), johnny depp (even looking a bit too orange), men wearing lanvin


taylor swift (like really? bug!!), chris brown (why is he still being nominated for shit?), givenchy doing alligator fashion (florence and the machine), adele as a rose float (love her though), rihanna trying to act and not singing enough, beyonce wearing leggings with a short top, john mayer trying to pull a johnny depp (sorry sucker)

did you watch?

do you agree? disagree?

i would love to hear your thoughts

if any

ps- if you are a friend of mine on fb, you already went through all of this with me becayse i was not quiet with my opinions that night. what fun!