Lily and ballet


(Lily is the second on the right counting from the bottom)

it has now been a little over a month since Lily started ballet

we go every monday and tuesday and there is a different teacher for each of those days

unlike some girls who cry every time and are obviously forced to be in ballet, Lily loves ballet

she is the happiest going in and coming out of class

while she is in there, i wait patiently with the other moms in the “lounge” room

i get to however watch her on a tv screen

on a regular day there are about twelve girls per class

sometimes more, sometimes less

classes are conducted in a serious and disciplined way

the first forty five minutes consists of ballet and the last fifteen minutes consists of tap

pink tutu, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required, all from the school

all of the girls must look the same

it is quite the lovely sight to see twelve little girls all dressed like pink ballerinas and even lovelier to hear them all walk out in a perfect line tapping along in the hallway on a marbled floor

in just a month’s time every single one of these girls has improved and knows what to expect from class from the very first day

i am so happy that we are able to do this for Lily

she says she wants to be a ballerina and so far she seems very determined

while loving every second

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