February 18 2013 025

when Will and i got married in twenty ten, we just walked into city hall with Lily in tow (she was just about three months old) and we got married

aside from my engagement ring, we have had no rings

Will is not really a jewelry guy

we had looked and looked but nothing seemed to really fit him and me at the same time

so, a while ago while visiting west virginia, we asked his friend Nikki and her husband Jorge to make our rings

Nikki and Jorge who live in barcelona most of the time have a beautiful and organic jewelry line called mono (mononyc.com)

yesterday we received our rings

they came tied together in the most amazing box and presentation for that matter

the box is made of olive wood symbolizing me and all the olive trees in portugal and the small pouch is made of deer leather symbolizing Will and all the deer in west virginia

on the inside of each ring is a pearl, a ruby for Will and a black diamond for me, along with the words “kite strings” engraved (something meaningful to the both of us)

they fit us perfect and we are so happy with them

it feels good to have such a silly thing as rings to unify us even more

it was well worth the wait!

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