rene magritte. an art exercise

February 19 2013 047

left: Lily’s interpretation of Magritte’s the fire, 1943. right: Magritte’s the fire

February 19 2013 046

left: Lily’s interpretation of Magritte’s schoolmaster, 1954. right: Magritte’s schoolmaster

February 19 2013 025

like i said in our last ARTsy wednesday post, i am trying to teach Lily about different artists and have her do her own interpretation of their work

yesterday she learned a little about Magritte and got her first lesson on surrealism

happy ARTsy wednesday!

ps- it looks like the pictures were taken at the same time as the last post, but that is just because Lily was wearing the same pajamas

February 19 2013 027 February 19 2013 030