according to my phone. the normal edition


life these days is quite calm and normal

and i am on most days happy with it

before calm and normal there was chaos and uncertainty

so, normal is good

although let’s be honest, normal can be boring

lately i find myself just mothering, wifeing, cleaning, doing laundry, preparing meals, going to the park, setting up playdates…

and repeat again

and again

which is not say i don’t like my full time job because i do

raising Lily was a decision i made the moment she was born and one i have not regretted

i am also a home body for the most part

however, i can’t remember the last time i/we took a vacation

a real vacation

one where we stayed in a hotel and not with relatives (barcelona 2008?)

we have no future trips planned out to look forward to

no weekend getaways

as happy as i am with normal, i also find myself extremely anxious

i miss adventure and spontaneity

i think i am bored with my every day normal routine

so…. yesterday (because i was anxious and lost sleep the night before over it) i decided to take Lily out to breakfast

i know it’s not a big thing but for us it was out of the norm since we always have breakfast at home (and lunch. and dinner…)

i wish my inspiration wave would return

i think it would help if i was painting

it always helps when i paint

not that mothering wifeing, cleaning and all that is not fulfilling… (a bit of a sarcastic tone)

what do you do when you are in a normal rut?

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