around here

February 15 2013 010

bagel face

February 15 2013 067

Lily with her “fantastic hat”

February 15 2013 070

a bath. mine. it had been decades. gotta do it more often

February 15 2013 074

family movie night in the living room on the blow up mattress. the lorax

February 16 2013 004

morning snuggles

February 17 2013 062

little sweet potato biscuit helper

February 18 2013 002

sweaters on a cold miami day

February 18 2013 041

leftovers from sunday. part one

February 19 2013 005

good morning

February 19 2013 023

this guy

February 19 2013 024

a breakfast

February 19 2013 025

rene magritte. an art execrise

February 19 2013 035

an afternoon bath

February 21 2013 001

lilies. my favorites

February 20 2013 036

backyard dirt savage girl

February 21 2013 004

an afternoon lollipop

February 21 2013 006

some of my orchids outside have bloomed. there are many more still babies

February 21 2013 012

backyarding and a night bath

February 21 2013 014

it was a long week with Lily this week

this past week she got into the habit of waking four hours after going to bed and want to come into our bed or want me to go in bed with her

every night (with the exception of last night)

she of course had no problem falling back asleep but i unlike her, remained awake for many hours after making me cranky and not the best mommy the following day (all week)

she also had no ballet on monday and no school on tuesday

and ever since Lily started school, she likes doing things less on her own like she used to

so it’s “mommy this”, “mommy that” ALL day long

i look forward to her four hours at school on tuesdays and thursdays

it gives me quiet time

which is much needed

everyone needs a break sometime, no?

happy friday everyone. hope you all have a lovely weekend

ps- can you tell i’m tired and cranky? yeah