a pink retreat


omg you guys. this weekend….

this weekend was full of work on our beach apartment cleaning up after our awful tenants (that we had to evict) and getting the place ready for our new tenant

saturday was a mess of a day. it was an extreme mercury retrograde saturday which i will write about maybe tomorrow (i just kind of want to forget it actually)

but…. as awful as saturday was, it did actually end up well

once we got home, i saw myself in a new week with Lily once again. doing my every day routine once again and i freaked out a bit (inner freak out)

so i asked K to come get me. which she did

i spent saturday night with K on lincoln road, eating, shopping…. just like old times

i also spent the night over

and on sunday morning, since she goes to work super early, i got to enjoy a cup of coffee in an empty quiet place

i got to enjoy a beautiful view, read magazines and silence

a pink retreat

just what this mama needed

especially after the nightmare that saturday was

happy monday everyone. how was your weekend?

ps- thanks again K! xo

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