according to my phone. “i think it’s going to be a bumpy ride”


i think Lily said it best leaving the hardware store on saturday when she said “i think it’s going to be a bumpy ride”

she couldn’t have been more right because soon after the two solid wood doors we had purchased were flying off the top of the car at a red light

i guess twine is not so good for holding doors down?

nobody got hurt (thankfully), the doors were ok and are now hanging in the apartment and the front hood of our car doesn’t have that much damage to it

yeah, it was sort of the cherry on the mercury retrograde cake that was saturday

but thankfully the following day was sunday and nothing crazy happened

what i do want to talk about today is how much i (and Lily) miss living on the beach

don’t get me wrong, living in this yellow house, having lots of space and a yard is great but i forgot how easy it was to just get around and entertain Lily on the beach (miami beach that is)

while Will did work in the apartment, i took Lily downstairs to the condo pool (like i did many times when we lived there) where she played in the water for almost two hours

then we walked to the park (where she was practically raised) where she played for almost another two hours)

we then walked down lincoln road, had lunch and just walked and people watched like we did during many afternoons when we just wanted to get out of the apartment

at some point Lily told me she didn’t like the yellow house, that she liked the apartment

i tried to explain to her that we are in the yellow house because we need more bedrooms and space and her reply was the sweetest ever:

“we can all share and sleep in the same room and bed”

if only it were that easy…

i think we just need to visit the beach more and get more Lily fun things in our backyard like a swing/slide and a little pool

summer is here afterall


the view from K’s place


$15 jacket and scarf from h&m (it’s been in the 80’s here)


same pants, different day




sunbathing on the balcony after the pool


the view from our balcony (much missed)




a beautiful sunset on the way home to the yellow house