around here

February 22 2013 026


February 25 2013 004

a breakfast

February 22 2013 055


February 25 2013 003

outside play time

February 25 2013 005

soaking airplants

February 27 2013 001

a lunch with dessert

February 22 2013 030

chocolate vanilla strawberry icecream in the afternoons has become a favorite

February 27 2013 002

pink orchids in the backyard

February 27 2013 007

lighter bedding for warmer days

February 28 2013 001

a late sleeper on a thursday morning and my “art studio”

February 28 2013 007

Lily went to school for a full day yesterday

we are throwing around the idea of sending her to skipping stones full time when the new school year begins in august/september

her birthday is in november so based on that she is too young for pre k but personally, i think she is so ready to be around kids her age all day, every day

aside from biting a classmate who i guess cut in line in front of her, she did great

yes, you read right

i can’t believe she bit another kid! (i mean what the!!!????)

she has never even hit anyone

her teacher talked about it with her at school and of course we talked about it at home

so yeah, while Lily was in school all day (playing vampire), inspiration came back to me and i painted all day

i think today i will try to entertain Lily the best i can so i can try to finish my painting

got to keep going while i got it

happy friday friends!

hope you all have a great weekend

oh… and happy march!

march? what the!!???? yes, march