according to my phone/spring cleaning/needing change


i’m not sure if it’s because spring is here, if it’s the aftermath of the miscarriage or if i am just in the need of change but i am in the need of change

when we first moved into this yellow house back in june, we just sort of unpacked, placed things where we thought they should go, and just started living in the house

with the exception of the living room and Lily’s bedroom, most of the curtains that are hanging in the house, came with the house and i have been trying very hard to change that

but curtains are sooooo hard, aren’t they?

there are so many (like seriously) but yet none of them are the right ones

D, Lily and i even made a trip to ikea this past saturday and i know now after checking target, ross, marshall’s, urban and west elm that i should have bought some darn curtains but i didn’t (i have even googled curtains. psycho)

anyway, enough of curtains (but seriously so many…)

i want to lighten things up around here

especially our bedroom

i am a total textile addict and have a beautiful collection of anthro duvet covers that i have bought through the years but i am in the mood for white

white and light

so, i did purchase a great slightly off white duvet cover from ikea (king size even though our bed is queen) and some new white sheets (something we desperately needed. 600 count. on sale)

and dip dye… i want to dip dye e-ve-ry-thing

have any of you dip dyed any fabric?

i have found some helpful tips for using natural dyes like beets, tea and so on

when i do experiment, i will share

so yeah… that is what is going on with me this week

the craving for change and doing something about it

i have also started to tackle closet cleaning and downsizing…

are any of you feeling the spring cleaning fever also?

ps- sorry if this post is a bit all over the place. it’s self reflective


new life


garden inspo at west elm


new pot from home goods. still have to plant something in it but love that it’s from portugal and its color


gnomes at target. i finally got a gnome!!


at target. more garden inspo