kid paint


above: Lily with a rainbow

it’s funny when i think back on all the rules Will and i had for Lily before she was even born

like no phone!

it’s also funny seeing how many of those rules go out the window once that child is actually born

don’t get me wrong, Lily has lots of rules. and she usually follows them (as do we)

but, ever since i became a mom, i have learned to pick my battles

if we are out somewhere with no toys, no coloring books or crayons, and Lily has reached the point of boredom and fatigue, she will often ask for my phone

“can i do kid paint mommy please?”

and i will gladly hand her my phone where she nowadays busts out some pretty awesome doodles

kid paint to me is a more advanced technological etch-a-sketch and i have no problem with Lily getting creative with it

now the ipad and games… that we have a limit for

what about you? do you let your little ones play with technology?

happy ARTsy wednesday!


left: mommy (i guess i will always have long curly hair in her eyes) / right: pai (Will)


left: a fairy / right: a sunshine


left: Foxy (what?) / right: a flower and a heart