around here/lost in transition

March 15 2013 008

this week i tried my hardest to take advantage of Lily’s school and ballet spring break coming up (one whole week) and go somewhere

my first choice was bend, or to go visit my high school bf who i have not seen in decades but flights are so high i could travel to portugal for just as much

my second choice was nyc/philly where i have two other bfs but unfortunately due to bad timing for them it cannot happen

i was longing for old connections so maybe i could feel like my old self again?

i feel the need to get away

i need to breath new air, see and feel something different but i guess now is not the time. even though it feels like it should be

i have also been feeling like i am in a constant state of lost in transition

will this house be ours? will any house be ours? will we move again? will we have another baby? will there be a vacation?

nothing seems settled these days and it is making me feel not at ease

it is starting to break me down actually

despite any of this, life keeps going. it doesn’t stop

Lily and the garden keep growing, Foxy needs feeding/walking, meals keep getting made, laundry washed, house cleaned…

you know just the rhythm of every day routine

with less of a pulse this week

happy friday friends. have a great weekend

March 15 2013 001

a lunch. tortilla, cheese, avocado and tomatoes

March 15 2013 002

heart rocks

March 15 2013 003

a home made chocolate treat

March 15 2013 004

from our garden

March 15 2013 034

a very sick day

March 15 2013 037

sunning in the morning sun. his favorite thing to do

March 16 2013 008

my two favorite flowers. an orchid and a lily

March 17 2013 002

sunday morning. computer nerds

March 17 2013 005

new bedding. ikea

March 19 2013 018

this is becoming a lunch habitMarch 19 2013 021

he’s a good one

March 19 2013 023

after ballet

March 20 2013 025

black swanning around

March 20 2013 049

a ballerina snack

March 20 2013 077

Lily art time

March 21 2013 002

a dinner

March 21 2013 003

new friends

March 21 2013 004

this guy in his favorite morning spot

March 21 2013 007

morning rainbows

March 21 2013 029

a successful egg hunt at school

March 21 2013 025

a mustache