some recent splurges

March 19 2013 011

(a gnome, from target)

i am aware that even though i want/need change, i am also trying to fill a void with my recent purchases

shopping is where i go

some people do yoga, some people over eat, some people don’t eat, some people smoke crack…

i shop

the younger me would have gone out and splurged on clothes

the older me is splurging on things for the home

so the habit is still there but it has changed a bit

and although it feels good in the moment, i always feel guilty afterwards cause you know…. perspective

what do you do? where do you go to fill a void? (and please tell me it’s not crack)

March 19 2013 016

(bedding for Lily. from ikea)

March 20 2013 001

(white duvet cover from ikea. white sheets and pillows from home goods)

March 19 2013 012

(pillow. also from ikea)

March 19 2013 013

(a basket. from home goods)

March 21 2013 012

(for Lily. here, here and here. it’s all about the tassels isn’t it?)