morning snuggles

March 27 2013 002

every morning once Lily wakes up, she walks into our room and into our bed where sometimes we all fall back asleep but more usual than not, we snuggle and take our time waking up

she then goes into the kitchen with Will, has breakfast, they spend some alone time and while he starts getting ready for work, she comes back to bed with me and we snuggle some more

this snuggle morning time is something that has been happening for a while and i have to say not only is it the perfect way to start the day, it is also one of my favorite parts of the day

these days unfortunately will not last forever

some day sooner than later Lily will have to get up earlier, get ready for school and there will be no time for morning snuggles

maybe only on the weekend and those will be more than welcome

i want to remember and cherish these morning snuggle times (just like everything else really)

i am usually the one behind the camera

aside from our silly fashion posts, i don’t often ask Will to take my picture with Lily

however, yesterday morning i did

i felt it important to document our morning snuggle time in the moment it was happening

sometimes i worry too much and am too self conscious about what i look like to get in front of the camera

do i look pretty enough, do i look skinny enough, does my hair look good enough…

in moments like these, it does not matter

actually most of the time it does not matter

what matters is to document our time and our moments together

one day Lily and i will both look at these pictures and remember all the wonderful mornings we spent snuggled in bed and all the wonderful talks we had under our blankets

these moments will be what we remember

not what i/we looked like…

thank you Will for capturing our morning snuggles on camera

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