a what i wore post

March 03 2013 033

i wore this on a chilly sunday at home

let me tell you all something, the moment i put this outfit on, i felt like my mom

my mom is the queen of knee high boots (she has too many) with midi skirts

it’s something she has been wearing ever since i can remember

it always looks good on her, always cool but yet classy

the only difference is that my mom’s boots are always polished

she religiously polishes her boots the moment she takes them off from being out (it’s no wonder some of her boots are over twenty years old and yet look brand new)

anyway, i immediately felt like her and once i looked at the pictures and saw myself, especially with the short hair, i am convinced i am turning into my mom

i guess most of us turn into our moms…

which is not a bad thing

my mom looks great for her age, is a hard working lady, has good style…

but still… lol the last thing my teenage self ever wanted was to end up looking like my mom

sweater- hand me down from Connie. long sleeve shirt and boots- gifted by my mom (ha! that’s funny). skirt and leggings- f41. knee high socks- gifted

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