a what i/we wore post. grunge me forever

March 27 2013 091

i put these clothes on, looked in the mirror and was transported back in time

to grunge times

one of my most memorable fashion moments was when Marc Jacobs did his grunge collection for Perry Ellis (i think he may have even have gotten fired for it)

the way Marc introduced grunge and the waifs was so refreshing and such a welcoming change from the glamazon super models in shiny Versace

it spoke to who i was, the music i was listening to, the friends i had, the life i was living

as i walked around in these clothes, i could hear my soundtrack of the early nineties playing in my head

pearl jam, soundgarden, stone temple pilots, nirvana, hole, alice in chains…

that is what i love most about fashion

the fact that i can put something on and it can take me back to a place and time

this time it was twenty years back, a time where i did a lot of my growing

as an individual and as an artist

no matter how much new music i listen to, no lyrics will ever stick for me like the lyrics of the nineties

many fashion trends may come and go but the one that will stick permanently in my head and heart is grunge

grunge will forever be in me

and i guess Lily was feeling a little grunge also since she decided to wear mismatched shoes that day

may grunge live forever!

on me: flannel&moccasins- hand me down from Connie. dress- ross. leggings- f41

on Lily: striped shirt&pink shoe- old navy. dress- babygap. leggings- target. gold shoe- payless

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