according to my phone/spring break


last week when i tried to go away with Lily for spring break and it didn’t work out, i was pretty sad and cranky about it

i must say it seriously bummed me out for at least two days

i was in the mood to see good friends who i have not seen in a long time, breath different air, see different things…

but, due to bad timing and what not, it did not happen and we stayed home instead

so, i decided to have a vacation mode/mood about it right here at home and Lily and i had a great week (Will just continued to work as usual so he was not on vacation)

there were lots of walks over the train tracks for lunches, treats and a playdate

and when not out and about, we had a great time at home. HERE

hope you all had a great spring break as well!

happy saturday



IMAG1054-1 IMAG1068-1 IMAG1070-1 IMAG1066-1

there were also lots of playdates (like one almost every day)


Lily and Ayla, our neighbor


Lily and her bestie Sophia. it had been way too long


Lily with Colin and Liam. the brothers from next door


Lily and Ayla again


Lily and Marlowe


Lily and Foxy