hanging/storing/tossing your kid’s art

April 02 2013 016

what you see above are two of Lily’s art pieces taped on the bottom part of our book shelf

Lily does a lot of art around here

some of it really awesome and some of it… well, not so awesome (to my standards anyway)

these days she likes to hang/tape her art on the walls as she finishes a piece

her art can be found taped up all through the house

aside from all the taped up art, i also have a huge bag of Lily’s work since she started painting at six months old

there are some great pieces in that bag that one of these days i have to drag with me to ikea and find big frames for

i like to encourage her to hang and display her work

her good work anyway

sometimes she will just scribble on paper and then want to hang it

that art i usually toss

not in front of her of course

but i toss it

i would like to know, what do you do with your kid’s art?

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