Foxy Brown

April 01 2013 008

i think i did a little Foxy Brown intro when we found him back in november but i think it’s time for a little Foxy update now that he has settled in

quite nicely might i add

Foxy Brown is our puppy and we found him on the street just a few blocks away from our house

he was scared of people but quickly warmed up to Lily and she was the one who lured him from the street into our house

making her his favorite person. EVER

when Lily goes to bed at night, Foxy goes to his dog bed

when Lily wakes in the morning and walks out of her room into our room, that is when Foxy gets out of his bed and does as she does

while Lily is at school, Foxy usually just sleeps in his dog bed and waits for her

he is all about Lily and i think he often thinks he is a kid just like her

some people think he is a she because of the name Foxy but he is a he

i thought he looked like a little fox and therefore named him Foxy. a name he answers to easily these days

he mostly just eats dog food but is a fan of cheerios (Lily will share them with him in the morning), chicken, salmon and carrots

he is scared of thunder, the vacuum cleaner and balloons

his play buddies are Hurley and Calipso from next door and Mia, D’s dog who visits often

his favorite thing to do in the morning after he has gone outside is to warm himself in the morning sun

the moment i open the curtains, he moves to his sunning spot

he used to be flea infested but we now give him a monthly flea pill and we are all living more harmoniously because of it

so there you have it friends, Foxy Brown, our puppy

he is just a sweet kooikerhondje doggie soul who has enriched our lives and we are so happy to have him

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