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March 30 2013 040

happy friday friends! hope you all have had a good week

things here are back to normal (there is that word again)

Lily was back at school and ballet this week and she was so happy about it

as much as we enjoyed spring break, she asked constantly when she would return to school (that is such a good feeling!)

we also had a playdate on wednesday

our friends M and R came over and we had a lovely time until Lily started acting out

things come pretty easily to Lily

she usually gets playdates, movies, treats, whatever because she IS so good

however, when acting out moments happen like on wednesday, those privileges that are so easily handed to her, get taken away

so yeah, i basically grounded her from playdates, candy and movies until she starts earning them again

i know she is only three but i truly believe that she needs to start learning that you don’t just get stuff for the hell of it

you actually have to earn it

i have even started talking to her about how some children have nothing. not even a bed or a house to sleep in

have you had those sort of talks with your little ones?

this weekend we will be doing more yard work and maybe venturing out a bit

who knows… we really don’t have anything planned

what about you? doing anything fun?

happy weekend!

March 30 2013 032

where she is, he is

April 04 2013 001

saging in a bowl my brother made for me many decades ago

March 30 2013 003

breakfast for one (oh, there he is again)

March 30 2013 036

a salad. with tomatoes and basil from our garden

March 30 2013 039

a rose from our garden

March 30 2013 006

sleepy and enjoying the morning sun

March 31 2013 017

our Lily bunny on easter twenty thirteen

April 01 2013 014

my stalker

April 01 2013 065

these two…

April 04 2013 009

i’ve been making it a point to drink more water. it’s easier in a bottle

April 02 2013 006

in the morning sun

April 02 2013 011

for the week

April 02 2013 012

an orchid

April 02 2013 013

you know what this is. lunch

April 03 2013 006


April 04 2013 012

a favorite. coffee and baileys

April 03 2013 019

a playdate

April 04 2013 003


April 04 2013 008

i don’t like snakes

April 04 2013 007