14/52. twenty thirteen

April 05 2013 158 - Copy

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013”

Lily resting on the couch after playing outside in the rain

most of my 52 portraits have been taken indoors

Lily does play outside. a lot actually

however, these days i am enjoying taking pictures with all the beautiful light we get in this yellow house

i took a lot of pictures this week

Lily and Foxy were loving on each other more than ever before (HERE) and we spent a lot of time indoors due to gloomy and rainy weather

for Lily, i decided on the picture above because believe it or not, she doesn’t really sit still for me

it really depends on her mood

most of the time i just let her do her thing and snap away

she actually posed for this shot and i love her expression, the light and the balloon string

the ever lasting balloon that has been around for a month now

April 01 2013 110

Foxy brown being consoled by Lily in the hallway on a rainy and thunderous afternoon

he is afraid of thunder and when Lily saw him shaking in the corner, she made sure to comfort him

i love his sweet face in this picture

favorites from last week: these, in particular the first shot and this great holi shot