a necklace

April 11 2013 011

lately i have been seeing a lot of these sparkly/flower necklaces on the so called “it” fashionistas

although pretty, it is a trend and some of them can go for a lot of money

last week while doing some retail therapy at f41, i found one of those pretty flowery necklaces (similar)

liking its flowers and its colors (not too cheap looking) but not liking the chain which it hung from, i began searching for some other necklace i could possibly take apart and work into the flower necklace

and bingo. i found this neon rope necklace which i tested on the spot and liked the look of the two together

once home, i slid the tube off the rope necklace (it was no fuss) and with my two beading tools i took the chains off both necklaces and then re-attached them back together into one (it’s just long enough to fit over the head so no clasp was needed)

with less than $15.00 and in less than five minutes, i got myself an “it” statement necklace that i am oh so happy with and might even wear to a family spring wedding in kentucky


April 11 2013 008

$5.80 and $7.80

April 11 2013 010

tools used

April 11 2013 009

no tools needed

April 11 2013 012

inspo found here

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