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April 07 2013 047

happy friday friends!

this post is a little late today due to some blog technical problems. basically i couldn’t log on and post anything

anyway… there have been lots of home cooked meals, garden tomatoes, morning snuggles… it’s been a good week

i did take Lily to see her pediatrician yesterday to check out this cough that has lingered for months and will not go away

we always try to not do the antibiotic thing and let the body do what it needs to do but this cough has been going on for too long

Lily’s pediatrician took a swab of her germs and we are waiting to hear what the verdict is

i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

ps- the top picture of Lily was inspired by Celina and the picture she took of her daughter

April 07 2013 001

our garden tomatoes

April 06 2013 013

a sweater hat

April 07 2013 040

a delicious dinner by my husband

April 07 2013 060

best smile

April 08 2013 022


April 09 2013 004

a tire swing. best thing ever

April 08 2013 021

Foxy Brown

April 07 2013 046

street night light

April 07 2013 036

a pink crystal

April 08 2013 015

a desert rose

April 11 2013 001

a breakfast

April 09 2013 039

Lily asked me to take this picture of her with the treasures she found on our walk

April 10 2013 047

these two…

April 11 2013 002

an afternoon treat

April 10 2013 051

squishy face love

April 11 2013 005

another delicious dinner by my husband

April 11 2013 013

a lunch with our garden tomatoes