nature in the home

April 12 2013 001

this small vase filled with bougainvillea flowers sits in the entry way to our bedroom

bougainvillea is very common here in miami. you see it pretty much everywhere

it can be tamed to be small, but it can also be huge, taking over whole sides of a house

they are thorny, woody vines but what i love most are the delicate flowers that feel like they were made out of tissue paper

the most common color is a bright fuschia (lovely), but bougainvillea can also be purple, red, orange, yellow and white

our neighbors have some in both fuschia and orange/pink in front of their house

that’s where these came from

joining the lovely Lou for nature in the home

ps- there also sits a little ocean treasure from a trip to the beach. those can be found pretty much around our home actually

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