the things she says

April 13 2013 008

“mommy, i don’t like snails and that’s why i step on them”

it drives me a little bonkers and makes my skin crawl every time she steps on snails and i hear their little shell cracking

i have talked to her about the fact that she is hurting and killing a snail every time she does that and that it is mean but, she must have something against the slimy animals because she has never hurt anything before

————————————————— * ———————————————–

walking on the way home from ballet

me: Lily you are getting too heavy for mommy to carry you

Lily: yeah, and you don’t drive mommy…

————————————————————- * ——————————————————

“mommy, it’s three o’clock to go…”

telling me it was time to go to school at ten thirty am

according to Lily it is always three o’clock

—————————————————– * ————————————————-

me: what’s on your face Lily?

Lily: make-up

me: what kind of make-up?

Lily: crayon make-up. because this pretend ballet needs make-up

—————————————————- * ————————————————-

me: Lily would you like a banana?

Lily: i think i would like something cuter than a banana

me: something cuter than a banana? like what?

Lily: jellybeans!!!!

————————————————————-  * —————————————————–

“mommy, when i grow bigger can i help you clean?”

the answer was yes!! and i am holding her to it

this is proof

——————————————————- * —————————————————

“Foxy, no! i’m not your penis”

as Foxy was trying to lick her face

————————————————— * ———————————————-

she is full of them lately

we are back from kentucky where we had a wonderful time with family

it was way too short but it was very sweet

happy monday friends. hope you all had a great weekend!