18/52. twenty thirteen

April 30 2013 011

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013”

Lily on the last day of april

in the morning on the front porch

there have been many mornings spent there lately

she likes to call it her “outside area”

May 03 2013 037

Foxy Brown

once again sunning himself in the morning sunny spots

favorites of last week: the beautiful Stella, lashes, curious Pebble, Eleanor, Ruby, Bo and rainbows

i would like to add that i love this 52 project. through Jodi i have found many new blogs i would not find on my own

that said, i think for the most part everyone has participated in the project with good blogging etiquette

because Jodi encourages a sense of community and support toward one another, i think it’s only polite and respectful to “stop by” and leave a comment when someone does the same on your blog

this however is not done by everyone

and i think it shows poor blogging etiquette and bad sportsmanship