spring changes

May 08 2013 015

Lily and i almost embarked on an adventure yesterday but instead i decided that we both needed some alone home time with our things

i am glad i did because it ended up being quite the productive day at home

i have always been one to change things around the house

furniture, bedding, decorative items… i get visually bored and therefore crave/need the change

since moving into this yellow house one year ago next month (can you believe it?) things have been pretty much stationary with the exception of bedding

it has felt good to have things just be in this new space especially after constantly changing things around in our one bedroom apartment (HERE)

however, lately i have been very inspired by Lou’s nature in the home series as well as by Karina who writes one of my newly found favorite blogs curate the day

that said, i decided it was time to add some more nature inside, move older and add some new art and lighten things up a bit

by doing so, i feel like there is yet more light in this house and everything looks and feels newer

i got the thumbs up from both Will and Lily and that is always a good/happy thing

what about you? have you done any spring changes around your home?

May 03 2013 012


May 08 2013 017

new Lily art

May 08 2013 018

lighter mantel

May 09 2013 003

May 08 2013 023

this window shines even brighter than before. hope our little visitor will still visit. see what it used to look like before HERE

May 09 2013 005

May 09 2013 002

May 08 2013 025

the glass that was once on the mantel is now on this console

May 08 2013 024

cleaned up paper work and added some nature. brad pitt on vanity fair. whitest magazine ever

May 09 2013 009

May 09 2013 008