around here

May 03 2013 023

the days are getting hotter and we are getting closer to june faster than i would like to

Lily will be finishing school on the twenty third of this month and ballet in the first week of june

our summer plans are still very much limbo

will family come visit? if they do, when? when will we go to west virginia? will we have a chance to make it to nyc?

all in limbo

it’s hard to believe that aside from a quick trip to kentucky, we have not gone anywhere since last september when we went to portugal

a place we will not be going to this year

since tuesday when our last visitor left, our days have been back to our own rhythm

a word i tend to flow with better than routine these days

it seems to make life less stressful in a way

mother’s day will be sunday and i think Will and Lily have something up their sleeves and Lily is trying her hardest to tell me but i won’t let her

any fun plans in mind mamas?

happy friday. hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful mother’s day to all of you mamas!

May 03 2013 038

toca boca? toca loca!

May 04 2013 001

gardenia in my garden

May 04 2013 002

scones. muffins. sconey muffins

May 04 2013 003

oh hey there ladybug

May 04 2013 023

the love…

May 04 2013 008


May 04 2013 032

May 04 2013 036

took days

May 04 2013 041

happy saturday

May 05 2013 002

they were delicious!

May 04 2013 027

pretty sure she is twelve here

May 05 2013 008

a really really really clean yard. thanks Connie. really

May 06 2013 020

his turn

May 06 2013 027

my turn

May 06 2013 031

a tire swing. the best

May 08 2013 002

what most of our mornings are like. again, the best

May 08 2013 006

the fox

May 08 2013 027

back to light eating. tomatoes and basil from our garden

May 08 2013 008

alone play time

May 08 2013 048

the very best