around here. loose thoughts

May 11 2013 007

i feel like my head has been filled with loose thoughts all week

so many in fact i don’t even know where to start…

i guess i’ll start with the one thought that is occupying my mind the most which is the owning of a house

Will and i have been dreaming about owning a house for so long, i feel like we need to just check that off the list in order to keep on keepin’ on

there are so many things we want to do and so many ideas we have for “our” home one day that sometimes i feel like i’m going to burst at the seams!!

sure we do little things in this rental home. mostly out in the yard

this house is what it is. a rental

a good enough rental that motivated us to make the big move from our one bedroom apartment and our safe haven on the beach

but because it is a rental we don’t want to waste (that might be the wrong word choice) too much of our time and money in it

everything about renting is temporary

and temporary is wearing me out

with real estate rising in the areas we prefer to be (or near to), i don’t know if our dream of owning a home will ever happen here

and it’s frustrating. oh so frustrating and it just about drains all out of me at times

i also have lots of loose thoughts about my family

mostly my parents and how i relate to them. or not

but those thoughts are so loose i haven’t even quite grasped them well yet

it’s been a challenging week

mostly in my head

happy friday friends. have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

May 10 2013 012

a dinner serenade

May 10 2013 015

morning dew

May 11 2013 001

Lily stuff

May 11 2013 002


May 11 2013 010

connect four

May 11 2013 011

saturday morning

May 11 2013 014

fresh garden pickings

May 12 2013 003


May 12 2013 017

fruit pops

May 12 2013 021

quiet moments

May 12 2013 040

breakfast on mother’s day twenty thirteen

May 12 2013 043

mother’s day flowers. thanks D!

May 14 2013 001

a mother’s day card

May 14 2013 006

mother’s day orchids

May 14 2013 038

backyard explorer

May 14 2013 045

our kitchen counter. ridiculessness

May 15 2013 009

morning glory

May 17 2013 001

miami mango season. is it possible to od on mangoes?

May 15 2013 011

mother’s day flowers from D planted

May 15 2013 012

horse shoes

May 15 2013 024


May 15 2013 026

and then she peed. in the tub. yup