satcap. tomatoes

May 17 2013 257

while i was pregnant with Lily, during the first trimester, hot foods were the least appealing to me

every day for work i packed myself a lunch of tomato, avocado and cucumber salad along with some fruit on the side

every day that is practically what i ate for lunch. for months

so much for what they say about your baby liking all the foods you eat while pregnant because Lily cannot stand tomatoes, avocados or mangoes

she practically gags at the sight of an avocado

i am convinced the tomatoes we have grown in our garden are the best because they are the only ones Lily will eat

most of the time right off the vine, not even washed (don’t worry they are organic)

when i look at this picture of Lily i don’t even know who she is

with a tomato in hand and that wild face of hers

who is she?

joining Annie the mammasaurus for satcap