a collaboration

May 20 2013 039

long before Lily was born but short after Will and i started dating, we had a made up daughter and her name was Lily

Will and i would constantly talk about our imaginary daughter

the things she would do, the things she wouldn’t do, what she would look like, what she would be like…

painting is something our imaginary Lily did

and then wouldn’t you know it, Lily really did happen

since Lily was six months old, she and i have had many painting sessions together

although together, the work has always been separate

either she worked on her painting or me on mine

a while ago i had sketched a canvas to paint but didn’t care too much to continue

this past saturday i decided that it would be great fun and different for us if Lily and i would paint that canvas together

i am always one to do my own whereas she always wants to do together

it wasn’t her first canvas but it was her first time using oils and my brushes

she picked all the colors and basically worked on the left side of the canvas while i worked on the right

while painting with Lily i could not believe that the moment was actually happening

a moment so talked about and so dreamed upon finally real

it’s moments like this that make me stop and feel that this is truly what life and having a child is all about

it is a work not yet quite finished

we are taking our time

i do love it already and cannot wait for our next collaboration

happy ARTsy wednesday!

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