around here

May 19 2013 018

happy friday friends!

we made it through another week. ha! is this month flying or what?

this week…. i have to say the highlight of my week was painting with Lily

i just…. i have no words really

well, actually i did. here

but, what can i say? we finished the painting and my heart burst!

Lily also finished school yesterday

there was a talent show and well… it was all bittersweet

being a mother, life in general to me for the most part is bittersweet

and it wasn’t until i became a mother that i realized that i am not so good with certain life things

life things like my child growing too fast, death… you know, every day life things

but let’s try to keep things light on a friday shall we?

i joined instagram!!!!

i couldn’t resist the pressure from friends and readers and well… i now instagram

you can find me HERE

hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend

we will be home. avoiding crowds. cause you know, it can get cray cray around here this weekend


May 19 2013 033

a birthday party

May 19 2013 087

loving her bouncing ball

May 19 2013 090

bunny races

May 19 2013 101

early evening light

May 20 2013 013

self portraits

May 20 2013 018

breakfast. thank you Will for making the best apple pie

May 20 2013 025

painting sessions. a collaboration

May 20 2013 042

it’s all about hanging out in her cuecas (undies)

May 20 2013 047

she asked me to do her hair like the girl in her book

May 21 2013 018

morning rainbows

May 21 2013 020


May 21 2013 021

a lunch

May 21 2013 024

a fairy garden made at school

May 22 2013 001

a rainy morning

May 22 2013 021

my heart….

May 22 2013 028

… my heart burst

May 22 2013 098

love her

May 23 2013 002

in the morning light

May 23 2013 109

a frozen moment. more on that another day